Above Image: Sydney Institute of Marine Science.
Tile Image: Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

Come and explore the fascinating and diverse collaborative marine research of Sydney’s leading universities interpreted at the recently launched Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) Interpretive Centre. Two themes are at the heart of this exhibition: Sydney Harbour and contemporary coastal urbanisation; the East Australian Current and modern climate change. Both themes explore our relationship with the natural world, in particular the coastal and marine environment.

A Fantasea Cruising charter vessel will showcase Sydney Harbour en route to Chowder Bay. When you arrive at the SIMS Interpretive Centre you will be guided through the exhibit and taken on a journey to explore the intersection of urbanisation on the Sydney Harbour estuary. The exhibition highlights the important role scientists affiliated with SIMS play in future proofing magnificent Sydney Harbour and the beautiful NSW coast by making ground-breaking discoveries and developing innovative technologies.

This field trip will give you an understanding of the greater impact of climate change on the marine environment with a special focus on the East Australian Current.

Learning opportunities

  • Develop an understanding of the diversity of research that is conducted by researchers affiliated with SIMS and the relevance and importance of this research and marine science in general.
  • Learn about the challenge of the relationships between people and nature
  • Explore your very personal relationship with nature. What do we value about the natural environment and why is it important to us?
  • Gain a better understanding of how human impacts take their toll on this extraordinary estuary.
  • Experience an example of how a research institution is collaborating with commercial entities and the mutual benefits this provides.


New South Wales.
Sydney Harbour and Chowder Bay.


$80 per person


11 November (1 Day)

Field Trip Leader Contact

Name: Louise Bashford
Email: louise.bashford@sims.org.au


To view the itinerary click here.

Want to know more?

Visit the SIMS website here.

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