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We are pleased to welcome IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 media representatives to Australia. Like all visitors, media covering the World Parks Congress must have a valid visa to travel to and enter Australia. The most appropriate visa will depend on the nature of the activity being undertaken.

World Parks Congress media are being advised to apply for one of two visas, which are outlined below. Your intended activities in Australia will determine which visa you can apply for. All media wishing to cover the World Parks Congress on-site at Sydney Olympic Park must obtain media accreditation prior. We encourage you to apply for media accreditation before lodging your visa application.

If you have any questions regarding media accreditation, please email


Please apply for your visa at least 2 months prior to the Congress to allow sufficient time for processing your visa. Visa processing times may vary depending on a range of factors. Information on Visa Processing Time Service Standards is available at:

Visa Options


Passport holders from a range of European countries can apply online for an eVisitor. Applications for eVisitor visas are free.

Further information on the eVisitor visa can be found on the website. See:

You may access the eVisitor application online. See:

Electronic Travel Authority

World Parks Congress delegates who hold passports from a number of countries are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Eligible passport holders can apply for an ETA through a travel agent, airline, specialist service provider or Australian visa office outside Australia. Travel agencies, airlines or specialist service providers could choose to charge a fee to arrange an ETA on your behalf. Alternatively, you may be eligible to apply for an ETA through the ETA website. There is no visa application charge for ETA applications lodged online but a service fee of $AUD20 is charged for use of the ETA website.

Further information on the ETA can be found on the website. See:

Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (Subclass 400)

If you are attending the IUCN World Parks Congress as an independent journalist, correspondent or reporter for an overseas news organisation and will not be taking part in film, television or other productions that will be broadcast in Australia, you should apply for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (Subclass 400).


Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to apply online for this visa.


If you are not eligible to apply online, you should use Form 1400 Application for a Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa. See:

To obtain the application document checklist for this visa, please visit the Department’s website.


Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (Subclass 420)

If you will be taking part in film, television or other productions that will be broadcast in Australia, you should apply for the Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (Subclass 420).


Things to consider before lodging your application

Health and character requirements

All visa applicants must be assessed against Australia’s health and character requirements. These requirements are designed to protect the safety and security of the Australian community.

Health requirements

As part of the visa application process you may be required to undertake a medical examination, chest x-ray and/or other health checks.

The department will advise you of the applicable health checks (if any), based on your individual circumstances.

Information on which health checks may apply to you is available on the website.


Character requirements

As part of the visa application process, you must show that you are of good character to pass Australia’s character test. Information on the character test is available on the website.


Obligations of visa holders

On arrival at Australia’s border you must identify yourself, present your travel documents and complete an Incoming Passenger Card (IPC).  The IPC requires visitors to declare their health status and any prior criminal convictions.  If you arrive in Australia without valid travel documents or a valid visa, you will be delayed until your identity and claims to enter Australia are checked, or you may be refused entry to Australia.

More information on immigration clearance processes at Australia’s borders is available on the website.


You must comply with your visa validity and visa conditions while in Australia.  When you receive your Australian visa you are issued with a visa grant notice that explains the conditions of the visa including period of validity and entry requirements.  You are advised to carry this visa grant notice for your own reference.

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