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The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 805 million people are chronically undernourished in 2012–14. At the opposite end of the spectrum, obesity is soaring. In the US, for instance, 35.7% of adults are obese and 69.2% overweight. So how is it that one-third of all food produced is thrown away, and 1 in 7 individuals go hungry? This World Leaders’ Dialogue on November 16 will challenge the audience to think about how their choices, as consumers in the globalized food production and distribution system, can help reverse our current food insecurity trends and statistics, in a bid to reduce global poverty and eradicate hunger. Furthermore, food related pressures through agriculture and fishing will have the greatest influence on protected area integrity and biodiversity decline in the 21st century. This debate will delve into the study on trade-offs between (bio)-fuels, food, and fodder, and look into the impact of genetically modified organisms.

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I hope you will point the importance of an access to Non-Chemical food to all of the people! How can we still (!) talk about life and food SOVEREIGNTY if we continue to spoil the soil and water with chemicals. We know it's ruining soils everywhere leading to massive DESERTIFICATION! So when do we stop talking about it and actually act?! FAO and all UN organizations should take a strong stance for ORGANIC agriculture! HEAL THE LAND to heal and nourish the people. Help people to live in DIGNITY by freeing them of copyrighted seeds & chemicals, a rude form of slavery, cause of despair and suffering. Dignity in everyday life of a person, means something. In the eyes of a child for his parents and so forth.
So stand for food sovereignty EVERYWHERE!
FIGHT corporate interests!

How can the limited space and recources on earth carry a future out of control human population? Is there an opportunity to migrate to another planet ,and who would want to ?How can"talkfests "ignorthe fact that the human population is in plagueproportions,and must be deliberatly curbed by government policy ? [if nature does'nt do it first].