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Global recognition for grassroots action in Papua New Guinea

IUCN Oceania congratulates two conservation and climate change adaptation initiatives in Papua New Guinea – the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program and Tulele Peisa – that have been recognized as winners of the Equator Prize 2014.

Natural World Heritage Sites: the Pacific’s challenges

The Pacific Islands region (Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia) is renowned for its immense natural beauty, but is home to only seven natural World Heritage sites. What challenges are preventing more sites in the Pacific being recognised?

How to manage a vast marine protected area?

Interview with Jacqueline Evans, Te Ipukarea Society

Managing marine resources the local way

A growing number of Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) are being established as a way for coastal communities to conserve the resources they depend on for food and income.

Papahānaumokuākea – the Hawaiian heritage hoorah

A world away from the bustling city streets, towering skyscrapers and smoke-smothered skies of the western world, David Swatland looks out over a Hawaiian archipelago and affords a wry smile at the paradise which meets his gaze.

Dr. Jane Goodall Launches World Parks Congress Education Program

Renowned environmentalist, Dr. Jane Goodall, launched the IUCN World Parks Congress education program at Rose Bay Secondary College today, encouraging students to find inspiring solutions for parks, people and the planet.

Nature's A-list to Debate A Sustainable Future for the Planet

Gland, Switzerland, 5 June, 2014 (IUCN) – Internationally recognized experts, politicians, CEOs, activists and indigenous leaders will be at the forefront of a series of public debates during the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 taking place this November in Sydney, Australia.

Google Partnership Brings Street View to Wilderness

The NSW Government has teamed up with Google to go off-road and map some of NSW's most stunning national parks.

Parks, People, Planet: Awe-Inspiring Pictures

Nature lovers from across the world are invited to submit photos for a photography competition to showcase the beauty and importance of national parks.

Australia’s Indigenous Protected Areas

Indigenous Protected Areas are one of Australia’s conservation success stories – protecting culture and country, while providing a pathway to meaningful jobs and positive health, education and social benefits.

When ancient meets modern

Indigenous and community conserved areas have emerged as a new phenomenon in conservation circles but their existence is as old as human civilization itself.

Fire management in Venezuelan national park: Indigenous knowledge joins latest research

As part of the global revival of traditional knowledge in conservation, indigenous peoples in Venezuela are being called on to share their knowledge of fire management to help conserve an iconic national park and its surrounding area.

Of pearls in the sand – reviving a centuries-old water management system in Pakistan

Pakistan's Balochistan Province presents a unique situation in terms of both the environment and its socio-political context.

World Migratory Bird Day 2014

Destination Flyways: Migratory Birds and Tourism

Largest flock of rare parrot ever seen feeding in Royal National Park

A flock of one of the most endangered parrots in Australia, the Swift Parrot, has been spotted feeding in Royal National Park with experts saying it is the largest number ever recorded together in the park.

Protected Areas in Asia Critical to Health of Society and Economy

Major meeting of Asian leadership to explore new partnership for protected areas

Singapore – keeping a growing population in touch with nature

In a developed and highly populated city like Singapore, space is at a premium. Keeping people connected to nature and making sure they have access to natural spaces requires a comprehensive and long-term approach to land use planning.

On The Move

Bill Jackson, currently the Chief Executive of Parks Victoria in Australia, has a breadth of international environmental experience, including with the IUCN.

Journey through Dharawal and Dhurga Indigenous landscapes – Part 1

In conjunction with the congress, the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER) at the University of Wollongong, together with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service,

Governments unite to conserve iconic Sargasso Sea

Governments of Bermuda, the Azores, Monaco, United Kingdom and the United States have signed a declaration committing to the conservation of the Sargasso Sea – a vast patch of mid-Atlantic Ocean known for its unique floating seaweeds that harbour rich biodiversity.