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Mount Huangshan: first World Heritage site on the IUCN Green List

China’s Mount Huangshan was the first World Heritage site to achieve the IUCN Green List of Protected Areas Standard, based on conservation excellence recognised in the IUCN World Heritage Outlook.

A promise made for the future of World Heritage

The aspirations for World Heritage laid out in the World Parks Congress’s ‘Promise of Sydney’ place World Heritage sites as crucial drivers of change, and models of excellence to show how protected areas can succeed as inspiring solutions for nature and people.

Explore World Heritage e-posters

The World Parks Congress’s e-posters can now be discovered online. These consist of short slideshows on a variety of topics that were shown in Sydney during rapid fire presentations. You can browse all posters or search them by author, title or stream.

Environmental NGOs back up IUCN position on no-go for extractives in World Heritage sites

Nine world leading conservation organisations are urging governments and private companies to commit not to carry out extractive activities in areas inscribed on the World Heritage List.

New IUCN study shows life-supporting role of natural World Heritage

Sydney, 18 November 2014– Natural World Heritage sites are not just iconic places with exceptional nature, they also provide benefits that contribute to economies, climate stability and human well-being, according to a new study by IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, released t

A historic step for World Heritage and protected areas in Myanmar

After years of relative isolation, Myanmar has now emerged as one of the last frontiers for biodiversity conservation and protected area development in Southeast Asia. Myanmar’s rapid economic and political reforms present both threats and opportunities for biodiversity conservation, protected areas management and World Heritage status.

Local action to boost Reef resilience showcased to international marine managers

News from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

On-ground actions to boost the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef have been showcased at the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney.

Green is the new gold

Green Listing defines excellence in managing valuable natural areas

Sustainable tourism in protected areas can be critical for their survival, says new IUCN report

Sydney, Australia, 14 November 2014 (IUCN) – Increasing the number of visitors to protected areas can be an effective tool for conservation and community development, provided well-functioning management systems are in place, according to a new report unveiled today at the IUCN World Parks Congr

Free app to get your copy of UNESCO's World Heritage magazine

Download the UNESCO World Heritage app – free for a limited time – to get your copy of the latest issue of the magazine, courtesy of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

United States and Kiribati Sign Historic Cooperative Arrangement to Protect Vital Marine Habitat in the Pacific

International Conservation Partnership on “Phoenix Ocean Arc” will Benefit 489,000 Square Nautical Miles of Ocean; Builds on President Obama’s Action to Expand Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument

Positive outlook for two thirds of natural World Heritage sites, says IUCN

Sydney, Australia, 13 November 2014 (IUCN) – Over 60% of natural areas inscribed on the World Heritage List are likely to be well conserved over time, while others face critical threats such as invasive species, impact of tourism, poaching, dams and logging, according to the IUCN World Heritage