Former Member of parliament and presently President of Green Forum Nepal

Ms Lucky Sherpa is a Former Member of the Constituent Assembly and Parliament of Nepal and is well-known as an advocate of federalism with inclusive democracy and human rights issues. She has been honoured with the recognition of Youth Ambassador for Peace for 2007 and Young Women’s Human Rights Leader by the World Youth Federation for Peace and MADRE, an International Women's Human Rights Organization, USA, respectively. She is the First Sherpa (Indigenous mountain woman) Student to Hold a Master’s Degree in Economics and was Faculty Top Student in the same for 2001 from Patan Campus of Tribhuvan University.

Ms Sherpa has also been felicitated by Deputy President of Nepal for her dedication to ensuring rights to the marginalized communities of Nepal.

She is an Advisor of the Nepal Sherpa Association, NGO-Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities (NGO-FONIN), and leads the Women’s Economic Forum, Nepal.

As Gender Auditor, she gained experience of critical examination of the movement of different kinds of Indigenous women and men, understanding the perspective of minority rights and the rights of excluded and discriminated groups.

Ms Sherpa has closely observed the problems of deprived groups, including Indigenous women, from grass-root to national level of society, and has competent knowledge on identifying key issues to address these issues properly. She is familiar with the concept of federalism and development models and has added value on possible federal structure, arguing with a new dimension for resolving the conflicts of Nepal and moving towards sustainable peace.

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