Threatened Species Commissioner, Australia

Gregory Andrews is part of the senior executive team in Australia’s Department of the Environment.

Before taking up the Threatened Species Commissioner position, Gregory was managing implementation of natural resource management programmes and was responsible for over $100 million of investments, including protecting the Tasmanian Devil and threatened birds.

Gregory previously worked in the former Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency where, as the Deputy Head of Australia’s delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Convention, he led negotiations on key issues with developing countries.

Gregory has worked for the Australian Government in senior positions on social and Indigenous policy reform and has twice taken leave to work on Indigenous community development issues, including with the Northern Land Council in Kakadu and West Arnhem Land where he assisted and supported the traditional owners with land management decisions.

Gregory began his career as a diplomat with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1991 and has been on postings to China and Japan. When in China, Gregory worked on environmental issues including negotiating a bilateral agreement to protect habitat for migratory bird species.

Gregory graduated with first class honours in Economics (majoring in Environmental Economics) from the University of Newcastle in 1991, and wrote his thesis on contingent valuation of environmental assets. He also completed a Master’s degree in Foreign Affairs and Trade at ANU in 1995.

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