Executive Director, Rhino Conservation Foundation of Indonesia (YABI)

Widodo Ramono graduated in State Administration and has trained in National Park Administration, Biology and Wildlife Management. He has been a nature conservation practitioner for over 40 years and has worked with government and non-government organizations.

Mr Ramono’s government roles include: Head of a National Park; Head of a Regional Nature Conservation Agency (Southern Sumatera); Ministry of Forest and Estate in Aceh Province; Director of National Parks and Conservation Areas; and Director of Biodiversity Conservation. His NGO roles include: Director of The Nature Conservancy Indonesia Programmes, and Executive Director of YABI, the Rhino Conservation Foundation of Indonesia.

YABI, in partnership with the International Rhino Foundation and other organizations, specializes in nature conservation, protection and management. The organization operates 16 Rhino Protection Units that have successfully reduced rhino poaching and maintained it at zero since 2006. YABI also operates the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, and in 2012 successfully bred one rhino calf. The organization also works extensively with local communities in creative economy (alternative energy, ecotourism, organic agriculture and fisheries and control of invasive species) to support the conservation and protection of National Parks.

Awards: Golden Ark Foundation - Knight of Golden Ark; Government of Indonesia - Work Distinction on Elephant Conservation; National SCTV Station - Inspiring person for Living Environment

Memberships: IUCN SSC AsRSC, Crocodiles, and CNPPA

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