Executive Editor of the Guardian, Editorial Director of Guardian Sustainable Business

Jo Confino is an executive editor of the Guardian, chairman and editorial director of Guardian Sustainable Business, and sustainability consultant to parent company Guardian Media Group (GMG).

As a journalist for the past 24 years, he has worked on regional and national newspapers and websites. He was Wall Street correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and subsequently finance and business news editor for the Guardian.

As well as producing the Guardian’s award-winning annual sustainability audit, Jo launched one of the world’s first interactive sustainability reporting websites.

He created a unique multi-stakeholder development project in the Ugandan village of Katine, and helped create the Guardian global development website and the Guardian global development professional network.

Jo supports the strategic direction for the Guardian Sustainable Business website, as well as chairing events and writing stories, features and blog posts. He has completed a Master’s degree in Responsibility and Business Practice at the University of Bath and is also a qualified executive coach. Jo is on the management board of environmental justice NGO Capacity Global and is also a trustee of the charities Theatre for a Change and Chance for Change.

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